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Wang's Karaoke Etiquette

  • Everyone is welcome to sing, and we only give each other positive vibes and love

  • Each song request is $1 per song (unless it is free power hour)

  • On a piece of paper, please write 1) your name 2) song title 3) artist 4) song ID

  • To allow everyone a chance to sing, no more than 2 songs requests per active queue

  • If it's not your turn, please do not take the mic from the singer(s) or extra mic in the booth

  • After you are done singing, please return the mic to the booth or to the next singer

  • No skipping the line or bumping yourself up on the queue

  • No mic drops or damaging the equipment--you break, you buy!

  • No shouting profanities, slurs, hateful speech

  • Respect and don't forget to tip your bartenders and karaoke DJs

  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN and SING ALONG WITH EVERYONE!

Karaoke Song Search

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